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Portuguese alumbic with an improved product purification system.
All our products are made in Portugal by hand forging.
With copper 99%, the thickness of copper (1.3 mm), which guarantees obtaining a quality drink.
Copper has a very good thermal conductivity, very quickly heats up and evenly evenly.
Copper collects sulfur oxide, which gives a non-pleasant smell to the product at the outlet.
As a result, Distillate will retain a pleasant aroma and taste of the raw material at the outlet.
Classic alumbic will allow at home to receive chachu, slivovitsu, grappa, calvados, vodka and other drinks.
All connections are made on threaded connections, which simplifies work with the product and eliminates steam leakage.
All elements and nodes of the classic Alambic are reliably connected, and exclude any extraordinary situations in the form of steam ejection and fluid leakage.
The cooler is equipped with three fittings: for supply, drainage and finished product.
The thermometer will determine the temperature of the vapors and help control the heating during distillation.
The products are very easy to use and do not require special skills. Using our products you get a product of very high quality.
All connections are made by professional welding, which ensures reliable sealing.
Any heat source is suitable for heating: electricity, gas, coal, firewood.
Almost for any task suits the classic copper alembic.
The product is very convenient in operation, and the presence of the lens gives a very good product at the output without fusel oils. If desired, you can get the product output 80 - 90 degrees of strength.
The kit includes a rectification lens and a sieve to the bottom of the tank.

This Portuguese Alambic will be a great gift.

Rectification lens - an additional device installed on the alembic that increases the strength of the distillate by returning a portion of the condensed vapor back to the pot still. This process is achieved by cooling alcohol vapors with the supply of cold water to the upper part of the lens.

The lens is made of 99% copper, ensuring even and rapid heating. Copper also effectively absorbs sulfur, preventing it from entering the finished product. This contributes to preserving the pleasant aroma and taste of the original raw material.

Ease of installation and use make the rectification lens a convenient and effective tool for those seeking to achieve higher strength and purity of the distillate. The lens attaches to the alembic using threads and a nut, providing secure attachment to the dome of any apparatus with the corresponding thread. As a result of using the rectification lens during a single distillation, it is possible to achieve a distillate strength within the range of 80-90%

Copper sieve for preventing the scorching of mash for alembics.

Copper sieve for preventing the scorching of mash for alembics.

During the distillation of the mash, heavier particles tend to settle at the bottom, and they often start to scorch. This can result in an unpleasant odor in the final product. The sieve serves as an excellent means of preventing scorching because it prevents heavy and coarse particles from coming into contact with the bottom of the distillation cube. By using the sieve, it becomes nearly impossible for the mash to scorch, allowing you to safely heat your cube.

Such a sieve is not always necessary. If you are distilling only liquids, it may not be required.

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