Traditional Alembic - a versatile apparatus suitable for the preparation of any fruit distillate, preserving the aroma of the raw materials from which it is made. Portuguese masters handcraft each apparatus.

Made of 99% copper. This is the only material that does not react with the liquid.

Included in the set is a built-in professional thermometer in all models.

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Connections are made using high-temperature soldering. Even with prolonged use, the alembic will not leak, saving you the hassle, time, and mood disturbance of exchanging the product. The connections of the steam vent pipe (swan neck) are secured with nuts, making the assembly and disassembly of the apparatus much simpler, ensuring absolute tightness. Coolers on all models of our Alembics are equipped with three connectors: one for the distillate outlet and two for water inlet and outlet. The condenser has a large diameter, providing better cooling of the distillate and ultimately yielding a higher-quality product. The dome-shaped helmet contributes to the effective separation of the vapors from the wash into fractions, promoting the production of a high-quality product.

The alembic can be used on any home stove - gas or electric.

The purity of the copper used in the Alembic is a fundamental factor in obtaining elite alcohol. This metal is resistant to the influence of fruit acids, and the flavor and aromatic characteristics of the raw material remain unchanged. The alembic will serve you for a very long time, and the wonderful thermal conductivity of copper will allow you to precisely adjust the temperature regime.

The quality of the obtained product is a significant factor in choosing an alembic. Typically, people who follow the original production technology of various beverages, such as brandy, whiskey, grappa, choose copper alembics. Copper absorbs sulfur and preserves the aroma and taste of the raw material used for the wash. This is why the product is so delicious, and its aroma is challenging to compare with ordinary distillate obtained from a stainless steel apparatus.


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