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Column still.

A column still with a condenser is a type of distillation apparatus distinguished by its ability to produce not only strong alcoholic beverages but also essential oils. In the lower part of the column, a grid is installed where plant material can be placed. You can add herbs, spices, fruits, or berries to the column, enriching your product with pleasant notes.

The apparatus itself is a classic alembic supplemented with a column, which is installed between the boiler and the head of the distiller. It is entirely made of high-quality food-grade copper (99%) in Portugal.

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The alembic with a column allows you not only to obtain a tasty alcohol but also an aromatic elite drink. Simply place the material for refining the drink in this column, and the vapors passing through it will do their job. Thanks to the column, it is possible to produce essential oils and hydrosols. High-quality homemade alcoholic beverages, such as vodka, cognac, whiskey, calvados, schnapps, and others, are obtained aromatic, tasty, and pure through distillation.

With this model of the alembic, you can not only distill mash or wine but also use it to obtain essential oils, hydrosols, and floral waters. The alembic's cube is filled with water, and the column with raw materials. Steam passes through the organic matter of the plants, carrying molecules of essential oils. At the output, you get fragrant water and valuable oil. All connections of the distillation cube are made by professional soldering. This ensures reliable sealing, which is a mandatory condition for distillation. The kettle is supplied with a helmet (with a built-in thermometer), having a dome-shaped form, a steam vent pipe with threaded connection, and a cooling vessel with sufficient volume with water supply and drainage hoses.

The principle of the alembic's operation is as follows: Pour water into the cooling vessel through the fittings. Place the device on the stove. Fill the cube three-quarters full with distillation material. After boiling, reduce the heating temperature to prevent foaming. Alcohol vapors rise into the column, treating substances along the way. Then, the flavored vapors accumulate in the helmet and are pushed into the outlet pipe, then into the condenser, which is located in the cylinder with cold water.

The purity of the copper used is a fundamental factor in obtaining elite alcohol in the alembic. The quality of the copper used is resistant to the action of fruit acids, and the taste-aromatic component of the original raw material remains unchanged. The alembic will serve you for a very long time, and its wonderful thermal conductivity will allow you to precisely adjust the temperature regime.

The alembic with a column is used not only in moonshining but also for the production of hydrosols and essential oils in perfume production. To obtain hydrosol or essential oil, plant material is placed in the column: flowers, berries, leaves, bark of trees, fruits. Hot steam, passing through the column, saturates with particles of the raw material, and in the distillation process, it transforms into hydrosol with a film of essential oil on top. The hydrosol is then used in cosmetology or for the production of natural cosmetics. When distilling mash using plant material or bark of trees, oak chips, the output is aromatic alcohol. Moreover, the column with a sieve prevents the entry of mash foam into the steam vent pipe.

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