Copper Alambic -  Bain Marie

Alembic on a water bath is a distiller designed for distillation and obtaining noble high-quality alcoholic beverages. This system uses a double boiler, creating a double chamber where water is located.

The water bath of the apparatus serves as a kind of buffer between the heating element and the vessel. Through the water, the cube will receive the optimal temperature for distillation, preventing the mash from burning. You can safely prepare drinks from starchy raw materials (peas, corn, grain, potatoes, etc.) and not worry that the mash will burn.

The distillation process takes place slowly at a low temperature, so water does not enter the mash, resulting in a high-alcohol beverage. Alembic on a water bath is simple and reliable to use, easy to disassemble, and wash. All its components are made of high-purity copper.

It is excellent for distilling fruit drinks. With the help of the apparatus, you can prepare excellent homemade whiskey, brandy, calvados, and other high-quality beverages.

The device consists of several parts. The cube, filled with raw materials, is equipped with a "jacket" into which water is poured. Another part is the helmet, which is slightly raised, where alcohol vapors are collected and pass through a special curved tube ("swan neck") into the cooling container filled with water. They condense inside the coil and come out as a distillate with an alcohol content of about 60% through the spout.

Another feature of the alembic on a water bath is that not all heating elements are suitable for it. Ordinary gas burners or electric stoves can be used.

The reinforcing lens is installed on the helmet of the alembic in production. It is a deflegmator in the form of a lens and serves to increase the strength of the distillate by returning a portion of the distillate to the boiler due to the formation of phlegm as a result of cooling alcohol vapors. This allows obtaining alcohol with a strength of 80-90° in one distillation. It is attached to the alembic on a threaded connection. An extension tube for the height of the lens is included in the kit.

Using the lens, you will get a stronger and cleaner distillate.

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