The principle of operation of an alambic with a column

The principle of operation of an alambic with a column

A distillation column, also known as a column still, is an advanced version of a traditional alembic. It is commonly used to produce higher purity spirits, such as vodka or gin, as well as essential oils and floral waters. Here are some key aspects of using a distillation column:

Purpose of using a distillation column:

  1. High-quality alcohol production: The distillation column allows for the production of alcohol with higher purity compared to traditional alembics. This is crucial for spirits like vodka or gin.

  2. Component separation: The column efficiently separates components of the raw material, helping to avoid unpleasant tastes and aromas present in less purified beverages.

  3. Extraction of essential oils and floral water.

How to use a distillation column:

  1. Prepare the raw material: Start by preparing the raw material (mash or wort) that you intend to distill. Ensure that the raw material is of high quality.

  2. Load the column: Fill the column with various materials to enhance the separation of components. This may include infusions of herbs or spices for flavoring.

  3. Heating: Heat the mixture in the alembic boiler to initiate the distillation process. Vapors rise through the column, undergoing additional purification as they pass through the materials.

  4. Cooling: The vapors then pass through a condenser, where they are cooled and return to liquid form.

  5. Collect the product: Separate the desired portion of the distillate (known as the "heart") from the initial and final fractions, which may contain undesirable substances.

  6. Additional steps: Depending on your goals, you may perform additional steps like redistillation or adding aromatic ingredients.

Important considerations:

  • Follow manufacturer instructions: Adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your distillation column for safety and efficiency.

  • Regular maintenance: Clean and maintain the distillation column regularly to prevent residue buildup and ensure continued effectiveness.

  • Compliance with laws: Ensure that your distillates comply with local laws and regulations regarding alcohol production.

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