Portuguese Alambic Classical

Portuguese Alambic Classical

The principle of operation.

An alembic is a distillation cube, handmade and used to obtain alcohol, essential oils, or hydrosols (flower waters). The distinction of an alembic from other moonshine devices is that it is made of copper. Its principle of operation has remained unchanged for over a thousand years, and the design of the apparatus has been perfected. The alembic consists of a distillation cube, a helmet, and a condenser, all made of 99% copper. The cube is a rounded container used for heating the mash. The helmet is dome-shaped and is necessary for collecting alcohol vapors. In a truly high-quality alembic, the standard wall thickness is 1 mm.

The purity of the copper used is a fundamental factor in obtaining elite alcohol with the alembic. Copper is resistant to the influence of fruit acids, ensuring that the taste and aromatic components of the raw material used for the mash remain unchanged. The alembic will serve you for a very long time, and its wonderful thermal conductivity will allow you to precisely adjust the temperature regime.

Quality of the obtained product. Typically, people who adhere to the original technology of producing various beverages, such as cognac, whiskey, or grappa, choose an alembic. Copper absorbs sulfur and also preserves the aroma and taste of the raw material used for the mash. This is why the product turns out to be so delicious, and its aroma is hard to compare with a regular distillate obtained from a stainless steel apparatus.

Welded joints. Adhering to centuries-old technologies, European manufacturers strive to introduce a minimum of innovations, using environmentally friendly materials both as the main raw material and for connecting elements. For welding seams in alembics, bronze or silver is used. These materials, more ductile and robust compared to copper, ensure reliable sealing and safety from the effects of excess steam pressure.

The main advantage of alembics lies in their rounded shape. Thanks to smooth walls and gentle curves, this type of distillator is easy to empty, as it lacks angularities where product residues could accumulate.

Components of the alembic structure include:

  1. Distillation cube: This is the container for heating the mash.

  2. Helmet: A dome-shaped element that collects alcohol vapors.

  3. Steam outlet: It serves as an air deflegmator, helping to control temperature and improve distillation quality.

  4. Condenser and coil: Condense vapors back into liquid, ensuring the collection of the final product.

Such a design ensures an efficient distillation process, and the rounded shape facilitates maintenance and cleaning of the device.

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