What is wort and what is mash? And what are their differences?

What is wort and what is mash? And what are their differences?

Wort and Wash: Understanding the Difference


  • Definition: Wort is a prepared liquid intended for fermentation, containing sugar and other components. It serves as a precursor for various beverages such as beer, wine, and spirits.

  • Preparation: Wort is created by mixing sugar (or other sugar-containing ingredients) with water. Yeast is then added to the wort, initiating the fermentation process during which sugar is transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide.


  • Definition: Wash is the product of the fermentation process of wort. It contains alcohol and other by-products of fermentation. Wash is an intermediate stage before distillation and is commonly used in the production of spirits.

  • Process: After yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, the resulting liquid is called wash. This product can undergo distillation to obtain pure alcohol.


  • Process Stage: Wort is a preparatory stage containing sugar and water, meant for fermentation. Wash is the product of fermentation, ready for distillation.

  • Composition: Wort contains sugar and water. Wash contains ethanol and other components formed during fermentation.

  • Purpose: Wort is prepared for use in beverage production. Wash undergoes distillation to obtain pure alcohol.

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