Copper alambic or stainless steel apparatus?

Copper alambic or stainless steel apparatus?

Why are Copper Stills Valued for Distillation?Copper stills have long earned recognition due to their unique properties that make them preferred in the production of alcoholic beverages. Here are several key reasons why copper stills are highly valued:

  1. Excellent Thermal Conductivity of Copper:

    • Copper possesses outstanding thermal conductivity, surpassing stainless steel by 24 times. This is particularly crucial in distillation, where even heating of the mash ensures more precise temperature control, preventing the loss of the final product.

  2. Antibacterial Properties of Copper:

    • Copper naturally exhibits antibacterial properties, positively affecting the hygiene of the prepared food and extending its shelf life.

  3. Chemical Interaction with Products:

    • Copper actively interacts with the substances placed inside it, neutralizing various chemical compounds, especially sulfur-based ones.

  4. Aromatic Qualities:

    • Copper stills contribute to the formation of a greater number of aromatic compounds and ethers during distillation (60–100% more than stainless steel apparatus). This is crucial for creating beverages with a rich and unique taste and aroma, such as whiskey, brandy, gin, and others.

  5. Removal of Harmful Substances:

    • Copper has the ability to bind sulfur compounds, such as mercaptans, which can impart an unpleasant odor to the beverage. This is important for obtaining a clean and pleasant taste of alcohol.

  6. Combatting Fatty Acids:

    • Copper effectively neutralizes fatty acids that can spoil the taste of alcohol and affect hangover symptoms.

  7. Chemical Activity of Copper:

    • The chemical activity of copper imparts unique taste and aromatic characteristics to beverages.

Despite their higher cost, copper stills are valued for their ability to create high-quality and flavorful alcoholic beverages.In copper stills, a distinctive feature is the increased formation of aromatic compounds compared to their counterparts made of stainless steel or other materials. Copper alembics contribute to the creation of 60–100% more ethers than apparatuses made of stainless steel.

This is particularly crucial in the production of truly elite spirits like whiskey, various brandies, gin, and similar beverages, as it directly influences the quantity of etheric compounds, determining not only the quality but also the aroma and taste of the final product.During distillation, copper facilitates reactions in the pot still's residue, leading to the formation of aromatic compounds.

As a result, the alcohol becomes infused with a saturated, unique aroma. This characteristic is of utmost importance in the production of premium spirits, where the goal is to achieve a complex and refined flavor profile.As evident, the advantages of copper stills are apparent.

The rich and pure taste of alcohol serves as a more significant argument than the drawbacks associated with the infamous copper residue, which stainless steel enthusiasts often complain about. Moreover, the residue on copper surfaces can be easily removed using a solution of ordinary citric acid with warm water or other readily available methods.To conclude, it is essential to note that all contemporary producers of genuine cognacs, other premium brandies, or whiskies distill their masterpieces exclusively in copper stills, just as their predecessors did centuries ago.

This tradition underscores the enduring belief in the unparalleled qualities of copper in shaping the exquisite and distinctive characteristics of these high-quality spirits.

The use of copper continues to be a hallmark of craftsmanship and excellence in the art of distillation, ensuring that the legacy of producing exceptional and refined beverages endures through time.Today, you have the opportunity to acquire from us a professionally crafted alembic made from high-quality copper.

Experience firsthand all its advantages, and let the results speak for themselves. Once you savor the crafted beverage, any lingering questions will be replaced by a firsthand appreciation of the unparalleled qualities copper imparts. Don't miss the chance to elevate your distillation experience with our top-tier copper alembics.

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