Cooling System for Our Alembics.

Cooling System for Our Alembics.

Cooling System for Our Alembics.

Copper ALEMBIC with a flow-through cooling system. A flow-through refrigerator is called so because water constantly flows inside it. Consequently, our COPPER ALEMBICS are equipped with a refrigerator of this type, requiring constant access to water. The easiest way to install such a device is in the kitchen or bathroom, where there is a tap with running water. Alternatively, a water column, pump system, well, etc., can serve as a water source; the key is to ensure uninterrupted water supply.


The water supplied to the apparatus must be clean to prevent clogging of the thin pipes to which hoses are connected. In such a case, water supply or drainage may cease, causing the refrigerator to stop working. Uncondensed alcohol vapors may then exit through the drainage hose, accumulating in the room, posing a risk of ignition and explosion. For the same reason, it is necessary to ensure that the water supply system operates steadily and reliably, as this can also lead to a cessation of water supply to the cooler and the consequences mentioned above.

Operating principle of the flow-through refrigerator.

The refrigerator is equipped with two connectors for water inlet and outlet, to which hoses are connected. One hose (for water inlet) is attached to the tap, and the other (for drainage) is placed in a container into which water will be discharged, or in the sink. Important! Hoses must not be connected in an arbitrary order. Water is supplied through the lower connector, and drainage is carried out through the upper one, as hot water tends to rise. Alcohol vapors rise from the distillation cube and, through the vapor outlet pipe, enter the refrigerator, where they are cooled by interacting with cold water. As a result, condensate is formed, which flows through the refrigerator's spout into the placed container.

But what to do when there is no access to central water supply?

For example, in a country house. Here, a submersible water pump comes to the rescue, which we place in a container with water.

For our purpose, a pump with 3 W is sufficient. But other power is also possible. It all depends where you have the water container.

The larger the water container, the better. It is best to install a valve for regulating water supply after the water pump so that the water can flow through the drainage pipe.

Water from the drainage outlet of the refrigerator is drained into the same water container from which water is taken.

Thus, you have the opportunity to use the COPPER ALEMBIC in a location without central water supply.

You can buy a water pump here.

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